Big, fat, thick, W-I-D-E things for Vaginas

Ask me anything   Send me something hot...   Adult content. Mature audiences only. NSFW. 18 or older only please. Late 40's straight male. Fat cocks, girthy dildos, large objects...anything that'll stretch a pussy wide open and pack her full to the brim.

Long and deep is just fine alright. But stretching her WIDE is what we like.

Will it fit? Enough patience, effort and lube, and it'll fit alright...these pics are PROOF!

My goal is NOT to post the same old shots over and over like you see all the time, but to find more original THICK that inspire a sexy caption to put you there in the GIRTHY situation.

Submissions encouraged. Send me THICK!

A wrist-thick dick stroking away.

A wrist-thick dick stroking away.

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